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When is Drain Snaking Required?

“Drain snaking” is a term that not every householder is familiar with, until they have a serious obstruction or blockage in their household plumbing. Usually, the scenario is as follows: Your kitchen sink or bathtub is clogged or backed up. First you try the usual home remedies: You pour baking soda and vinegar down the drain. Or, if it is the toilet that is clogged you try plunging the toilet. If these solutions don’t fix the problem your next step may be to try a commercial-grade drain chemical. After you’ve exhausted the do-it-your-self options, or you suspect the block is caused by a foreign object, you may call a plumber. It will be more than likely that the plumber you call will use a drain snake or auger. It is usually the simplest, fastest way to clear a serious blockage – one where there is a real impediment to the water flow in a sewer or drain.

Drain Snaking Equipment
Drain snaking equipment is used by all professional plumbers to clear clogs or whatever is jamming a pipe. There are many designs, but in its simplest form drain snaking equipment consists of is a long, flexible coil metal tube that can snake through the curves of a drain. Household lengths are usually about six feet long, but professional plumbers use drain-snaking equipment ranging from 25 to 50 feet long. The snaking equipment usually fits downs a drain from the top in drains such as bath-tubs or showers. However, in kitchen sinks, which are designed to prevent objects from getting down pipes, it is necessary to dismantle the plumbing under the sink before using the equipment.

How Drain Snaking Works
A drain snake works mechanically to dislodge whatever is blocking the flow. The snake is pushed through the pipes until it reaches the blockage. At that point a crank is used to dislodge whatever is stopping the flow. The end of the snake has auger or drill that will push through the obstruction, destroy it with its twisting action, or hook onto it so it can be pulled out.

How Drains Toronto Can Help
Drains Toronto offers drain snaking and cleaning drainage pipes in Greater Toronto Area and Mississauga region. We provide complex watering systems cleaning and general sewer drain cleaning services.
Our highly professional experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your queries including emergency drain snaking and drain repair. Our trained and licensed technicians provide qualified, fast and friendly service for unclogging any type of drain and drain cleaning issues you might have. Call us today and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have on drain snaking or how to unclog your plumbing.

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