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Sewer repair in Toronto

What are the signs there may be trouble with your sewer pipes and sewer repair may be required? Essentially, there are three commons problems with sewers that will require sewer repair.

Bellied Pipe

A bellied pipe means the soil around your sewer is not holding up and it has caused a “sag” or belly or low area. Sewers flow by gravity, so if there is a sag, there will be a problem with flow. (Under normal conditions, sewers are installed with a fall of 1/4″ per every one foot of length.)

Leaking Joints

The second type of problem is if the pipes in your sewer have leaking joints. Underground pipes installed up until the mid 1980s were typically installed in 2 feet to four feet lengths. The joints were sealed with products such as concrete, coal tar, oakum, rubber gaskets, and sometimes, nothing whatsoever. Overtime, the sealants deteriorate, weaken or breakdown.

Tree Roots

A third and very common problem is one of tree roots growing in sewer lines. If you are having a tree root problem you will need the pipe properly snaked out.
How is it that a tree root could grow in your sewer? What often happens is a tree root is attracted to water leaking at the seams the pipe. Prior to the 1980’s, vitreous clay pipe was used for sewer systems. Clay is a very strong and inert material, making it an ideal for this purpose. However, clay tile tends to leak water at the joints making it an ideal water source for thirsty trees and shrubs. Once a root gets between the joints it continues to grow, spreading the joint. As the joint spreads, it leaks water. If the root is allowed to grow large enough it will eventually break the pipe.
After the 1980s PVC or SDR plastic began to be used, along with superior joint sealing systems, making it less easy for tree roots to invade modern sewer pipes.

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